It is important that if you are thinking about coming along as an issue holder you have an understanding of what this workshop involves, and that YOU are genuinely choosing to take part in this.

Working with Judith in a workshop setting is different from long-term therapy and requires a certain adult-adult relationship.

Through the initial interview Judith will develop with you a general picture of how you (Issue-Holder) and your system may be contributing to the presenting issue. This can then be ‘tested’ though the initial set up of the constellation. It is a process that requires an openness to receive a new picture (to that which you have been carrying in you). Judith will only go as far as your willingness to receive this new information.

If Judith feels it’s not appropriate to offer a constellation, and if what she offers instead doesn’t match your expectations, she may offer you half of your fee back and invite you to enjoy the rest of the workshop as a representative only.

What is an Issue-Holder?

When booking a place on a workshop you need to decide whether you wish to bring an issue – (be an Issue-Holder).

It is important that anyone who wishes to come along as an issue holder, has an understanding of what this workshop involves, and that they are genuinely choosing to take part in this, and has read this whole page.

In the 1-day workshop, there are six issue holders and the rest of the group holds the space and help support the process by acting as representatives.

What is a Representative (also called Resource)?

As a resource you will enjoy the workshop through witnessing other people’s constellation and also taking part in the constellations as a representative. Being a representative in other people’s constellation is often a deeply moving experience in which there is great learning. You do not need previous experience to be a representative, nor are you required to act or perform

The Interview and Set-Up

The process unfolds via an initial interview with the Judith, in which the issue holder gives a simple description of their situation, and what they wish to be different in their life.

Judith will invite the Issue-Holder to choose people from the circle to represent relevant elements under consideration. An element might be an individual person, a group, or even an abstract concept.
The Issue-Holder then places the representatives in relationship to each other in the centre of the circle – this configuration is a Constellation – which provides a ‘living map’ of the interconnected issues. The Issue-Holder may then sit down to observe or may be asked to be part of the constellation straight away.

The Constellation

Both being an issue holder and acting as a representative can lead to deep insights and profound healing movements. To read more about what happens in a constellations workshop, read this article 

Couples & Family Work

It is useful (but not necessary) for couples to attend a workshop together. The important issue may lie in the current situation or in the family of origin of one or the other members of the couple. However, if you are wishing to constellate your family, your family members do not need to be present.