Moving Constellations is an organisation led by Judith Hemming. Building upon extensive experience as a Gestalt psychotherapist and as a teacher in broader education, Judith trained in constellations work with its founder, Bert Hellinger, and others in the early 1990s. She has since become a leading expert in systemic approaches, and is recognised internationally for her pioneering work with individuals, organisations, communities and governments.

MovingConstellations offers you the opportunity to work with Judith Hemming in various setting:

  • Personal issues workshops (London) lead by Judith Hemming workshop dates
  • Organisational bespoke events, Insight leadership programme, personal consulting for companies Read more
  • Various Training Programmes – Couples, Family and Organisational Read more
  • Systemic coaching and supervision for therapists wishing to support the work of clients – receive stimulation and support for your work including designing and running your own systemic projects Read more

Systemic constellations offer unique insights, possibilities and solutions to complex human situations