Many of us meet significant hurdles in our lives. Sometimes the situation is simply ‘stuck’. It can feel irresolvable, despite our best efforts to change things. We try looking at the issue from different angles, consulting experts and trying out different alternatives. And yet there is no resolution.

Even with the best use of our analytical skills, intuition and creativity, it is not always possible to locate the core of the issue and solve the problem. It may require us to shift perspective…

You are undoubtedly aware of yourself as an individual who belongs to a range of groups or ‘systems’ – your family group, ethnic group, work group, etc. The relationship between you and each environment you belong to is unique. The way you experience and operate within the wider system holds a key to the challenges you meet.

The systemic approach looks at your specific issue as an element of a larger system – one part of the whole picture. By opening up the view of the issue to a wider context, you can literally see before your very eyes a visual living map of previously unseen and unimagined elements. The invisible dynamics and entanglements that are revealed offer deep insights, and enable you to explore possible ways forward leading to resolution.

Movements made in the Constellation not only address the particular issue, but actually strengthen you as an individual, and the wider system itself.

This work can give us an insight and a deep experience of how we can:

live our own life fully and let others live theirs fully too (in whichever way they choose to do so).