Five Realms – A new way of seeing

A 5-day residential programme with Judith Hemming, 22-27 June 2018

Constellation work is expanding beyond the original thinking and teaching of the last two decades. It is now widely regarded as having value in many different realms such as the body, the personal field, and the wider collective and archetypal fields. Further still, constellation work is used as a way to connect to the divine

Knowledge and understanding of these different realms is invaluable when we wish to deepen our exploration of personal, political, educational and social issues, or when we seek to illuminate profound ecological and spiritual questions. Understanding the realms also plays a part in the development of creativity. Becoming familiar with this new aspect of constellation work will undoubtedly widen the range and application of this work for all practitioners.

The Five Realms is a model developed by Judith Hemming (inspired by original concepts provided by Jim Kepner) that enables people to explore questions, issues and ideas from a number of perspectives provided by different energetic sources.

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