Articles & Case Studies

Research Papers, Reports, Articles & Case Studies

Stellar Performance; A first-hand account of a movingconstellations workshop in Spirit & Destiny magazine, by Andrea Blundell, March 2008

How To Heal Your Family; An article in Spirituality & Health, by Louise Danielle Palmer, Nov/Dec 2007 issue.

Family Constellations: Incredible Change Moments in Therapy, by Andrea F.Stuck Ph.D. LISW, 2006

Balancing Act – The Guardian (A pioneering scheme helps children to see the classroom as a place where family and society meet): An article in The Guardian, by Anne Montague, 26th September 2006.

Anyone know the URL for the truth? – science and constellations: by Melissa Roussopoulos, June 2006

Star Shaped – A short interview with Judith Hemming: An article in Wave by Matt Chittock, June 2006, Issue 48

Family Ties – Constellation Therapy: An article in Kindred Spirit, by Emma Amyatt-Leir, May/June 2006

A Research & Innovation Project to Enhance Children’s Learning: An article in Self & Society: January 2006 by Terry Ingham, Jane James and Judith Hemming.

Families and how to survive them: An article in Wave. November 2005

A Brief Overview of Organisational Constellations: 2004, Sue Abbotson

Organisational Constellations meets Appreciative Enquiry: 2004, Sue Abbotson

A Response to Robert Resnick “When ‘other’ is less than…”, a comment on war: Letter by Judith Hemming to the British Gestalt Journal, 2002

In the Field of Soul: Hunter Beaumont Interviewed by Judith Hemming: 1998, British Gestalt Journal

Enhancing Children Learning: A pilot study of the application of systemic approaches in primary schools – A research report for the DfES 29 Nov 04; Jane James & Terry Ingham

Research Project on Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programmes: This CSISS project, led by Chris Williams, is looking into how a systemic approach can enhance and support drug treatment work.